Staturday Weekly Column #3: Getting to know the Maple Leafs’ Analytics Department

This week for Staturday, I thought it would be a good idea to profile the awesome people that make up the Toronto Maple Leafs’ analytics department. Technically, the department is called “Hockey Research and Development”, I suppose so that the name covers more than what we would call “analytics”, to include some more nebulous hockey research activities.
a title once held by salary cap and NHL collective bargaining agreement expert Brandon Pridham, who now sits as one of Dubas’ general managers. Metcalf was a member of the original three-person analytics department created by the Leafs in 2014. Now, having an analytics team of three people or more seems like the standard operating procedure for an NHL team, but in 2014 this was unprecedented stuff. Most teams had just one person, a token analytics guru on their staff; the Maple Leafs showed they were embracing it one step further by creating a department for analytics.
But who sits on that department today?
The Who’s Who of Leafs Analytics
The people in this department, I suppose, are the ones doing the number crunching for Kyle Dubas and the management team. But who are they?
Darryl Metcalf
While not technically a member of the …

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Author: Ryan Hobart / The Leafs Nation

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