Staturday Weekly Column #12: There’s rain in the forecast for Toronto

Thus far in these weekly Staturday posts, I’ve focused on player-level stats. A new angle I’d like to take today is to look at team-level stats, to see just how good the Leafs have been this season.
I want to frame this post with two key questions that I aim to answer:
Are the Leafs secretly mediocre and hiding it with unsustainable shooting and goaltending results?
Where are they excelling and where are they failing?
Shot Attempts
Unlike quality player-level data, where Natural Stat Trick (NST) and Evolving-Hockey (E-H) are our the main resources available, there’s a bounty of websites that host team-level Corsi data of value. Adding to that tandem of stats sites, I’ll also be using Puck On Net (PON), Money Puck (MP) and HockeyReference (H-R) for today’s post.
If you’re new to these kinds of statistics, check out my primer.
This season, basic Corsi shot attempts look fairly bad for Toronto. From NST, at 5-on-5 and Even Strength, they’re 25th and 27th in the league respectively. That’s a quite ugly place to start, but also a very simple picture of what’s happening
One way we can add some …

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Author: Ryan Hobart / The Leafs Nation

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