Six years later, Alex Anthopolous has a team in the World Series

Shortly before I started writing for Blue Jays Nation, I finished my diploma in Management and Entrepreneurship. While this program was not my primary interest, I did learn a lot about sustainability in business. Even our beloved Toronto Blue Jays are a business, meaning that sustainable practices must be implemented.

Back in July, I wrote an article titled “Building a Sustainable Contender” where I dove into how the Front Office turned an old, overpaid team into a contender in four years. This was done by savvy international free agent signings as well as trading pending free agents at the deadline to build up prospect capital.
However, there are other methods of team building, such as trading for key assets at the trade deadline, such as former Blue Jays General Manager Alex Anthopoulos did at the 2021 deadline. This obviously paid off for Anthopoulos and the Atlanta Braves as they are in the World Series
Alex Anthopoulous’ 2015 trades:
Alex Anthopoulos made moves in 2015. He made a fantastic move to acquire soon-to-be AL MVP Josh Donaldson (30), he traded Jose Reyes and other minor league prospects for Troy Tulowitzki (31) and traded the rest of the farm for David Price (30). Not just that, he also …

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Author: Brennan Delaney / Blue Jays Nation

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