Should the Leafs become a slower team?

As much as Mike Babcock was criticized in his time in Toronto, one thing we can all agree on is when the team finally took off after the Matthews lottery, they were a team that played with a ton of pace. Hell, even in the year they finished in dead last, they were at least quick to get to the puck, even if they couldn’t do anything with it.
Now it’s been a year since Babcock was fired, and Keefe will finally get his (sort of) full camp and a new season to start fresh with a group he and Kyle Dubas no doubt talked a lot about over the break. It became clear toward Babcock’s last few months that the team was no longer interested in his style. But something that seems evident in hindsight, at least to me, is that the Leafs under Babcock were probably never really made to play with a torrid speed he established. And with their makeup now, I’d argue that’s even more true.
It’s tough to define fast and slow in hockey. You could argue a team that suffocates the other and limits games to 2-1 affairs …

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Author: Ryan Fancey / The Leafs Nation

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