SHOCKER: The Most Disappointing Former Leafs Staged the Saltiest Exits

*YouTuber voice*: “Storytime!”
I wasn’t the best student in middle school. Sure, there were a few outside factors that didn’t exactly nurture my learning curve, but for the most part, the blame for my academic mediocrity fell almost entirely upon my own two shoulders. It was my fault. Plain and simple. But 13-year-old Mike certainly didn’t believe that, though. No, sir!
You see, rather than engaging in some duly needed introspection, that pre-teen dummy took the coward’s way out and deflected the shame of his self-inflicted failure onto everyone around him instead; the school, the teachers, even the air inside that stale building.
I was a bitter little boy. And though I ultimately made it through grades seven and eight and marched on to high school, if you had asked that same, bitter little boy to reflect back on his time at Deer Park Public School, he probably would’ve spouted off on how his teachers all licked a bunch of ass.
Which brings me to Igor Ozhiganov.

Igor Ozhiganov 2 @Dima_Erykalov: It’s so different overseas.When you get to a lockerroom it seems all the players are ass-lickers that just wait for a coach to …

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Author: Mike Stephens / The Leafs Nation

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