Series Preview: Raptors are able underdogs to Warriors in NBA Finals

We look at three storylines heading into the NBA Finals, where the Raptors can own an opportunity to win it all. I still believed they’d find a way to blow it. Standing there in between reviews in the final minute of Game 6, it felt like the Raptors had somehow found a new, previously unforeseen way to lose and break the fanbase. The ball was moving deeper into the corner. Inbounds passes have always been an issue for this team.
Then, they got it in. Pascal Siakam hit a free throw, then Kawhi Leonard held off the two most imposing Milwaukee Bucks players — Giannis Antetokounmpo and Brook Lopez — to secure the rebound and hit two more. And it was over.

This really happened.— John Gaudes (@johngaudes) May 27, 2019

Being there for Game 6 will be something I never forget. Sounds cliché, but it’s true. Losing my voice booing Giannis free throws, seeing how loud the arena could get when Kawhi threw down The Dunk, walking out into bedlam on Lake Shore. It was all there, and now we’re here. The Raptors are in the damn NBA Finals, where they’ll meet the pre-eminent threat in …

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Author: John Gaudes / Raptors HQ

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