Series Preview: Raptors anticipate superstar clash against the Bucks

We look at three storylines heading into the Eastern Conference Finals, with a superstar matchup to die for leading the bill. It still feels like a fever dream. Kawhi Leonard — and by proxy, the Toronto Raptors — are now a part of NBA history after one of the biggest shots in playoff history. This, after all the years of heartbreak and LeBron destruction and Primo pasta commercials; it feels like a payoff that deserves some breathing room.
I, for one, spent the better part of Monday — my first day of vacation — camped out in sweatpants watching remix videos (the Father Stretch My Hands mashup is top notch), taking in fan reactions, reading articles, and listening to podcasts. It’s a moment worth marinating in, even if it’s just for a couple days.
After all, there’s still basketball to be played. Play the music!

SPIN THAT— mark (@tole_cover) May 13, 2019

The payoff for the biggest win in franchise history is an Eastern Conference Finals date with the Milwaukee Bucks. It’s not LeBron, so there’s probably more hope coming into this series than there was back in 2016 — the only other time the Raptors …

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Author: John Gaudes / Raptors HQ

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