Scott’s Thoughts: What the Leafs can learn from the Habs and Carey Price

This week was an ugly one for Habs fans. Their team has now lost seven of their last eight, and fired their head coach responsible for the systems that was driving the team to success, even though a huge reason they were losing was because their “elite” goaltender Carey Price has had an .888 save percentage so far this season.
It’s a very good example of how goaltending can make a team look unstoppable and can also make them look like a lottery team. There’s a reason why a goalie’s save percentage is half of the stat that we use to track luck with PDO. Not just on a team level, but it also makes goalies so tricky to evaluate, as aside from the truly elite goalies like Dominik Hasek and Henrik Lundqvist, they constantly bounce between good and bad seasons. We saw that with Frederik Andersen over his Leafs career, as his first three years saw some pretty consistent play, followed by these past two seasons where he’s been much more inconsistent.
But, there is one consistency with evaluating goalies: time is always undefeated. Age will always be the reason a goalie will start to fall …

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Author: Scott Maxwell / The Leafs Nation

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