Scott’s Thoughts: Frederik Andersen’s “Rough Year”

The Leafs are three games into the 2020-21 season, and naturally, the world has already ended for Leafs Nation. After a brief training camp and no preseason, the Leafs were predictably sloppy in a 5-4 OT win opening night against Montreal, were significantly more sloppier against the Senators on Friday, and finally seemed to figure stuff out a little bit on Saturday’s rematch against Ottawa until score effects kicked in in the third.
Now, it’s too early in the season to really come to any conclusions about this team just yet. You could chalk the sloppy games up to rust and trying to figure out systems, and you could chalk the good game up to the fact that they were playing the Senators. As Bob McKenzie always said, he never really starts evaluating players and teams for about a month after the season due to the fact that it’s mostly just noise. And he’s right.
While even at that point, 15-20 games is still a really small sample size, you can start to use it to get a better idea of the teams and players. Three games is definitely too small.
Now, one player on the …

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Author: Scott Maxwell / The Leafs Nation

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