Scott Boras’ fractured history with the Toronto Blue Jays

If someone described this scene to you, you might think it was a fever dream. There’s Charlie Montoyo wailing away on a set of bongos while super agent Scott Boras bobs his head to the beat and Hyun-Jin Ryu and his wife wonder what they’ve signed themselves up for.
Everything about the setting seemed made up, but the most perplexing part was the fact that Boras — a man who publicly criticized the Blue Jays organization for the past 34 years — suddenly had a change of heart.
The commission on Ryu’s $80 million contract certainly helped repair a relationship that’s been contentious for over three decades. At one point in time, Blue Jays president Paul Beeston swore off signing Boras clients altogether. Now, the Blue Jays helped the Boras Corporation cross the $1 billion dollar threshold this offseason.
To appreciate how far the Blue Jays’ relationship has come with Boras, one has to look back at how fractured it was from the start.
1985: Boras flies a plane over Exhibition Stadium that says “JIMY – GIVE CAUDILL THE BALL”
Bill Caudill was the very first player that Boras represented in the early 80 …

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Author: Ian Hunter / Blue Jays Nation

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