Revisiting my projections for the Leafs Opening Night Lineup

The Leafs are finally back and they kicked off the new season with a big win over their longtime rivals. There are few things in hockey sweeter than beginning the campaign with a victory over the Canadiens, especially in overtime.
All throughout the game, I was reflecting on the lineup projections I made for this very game way back in October shortly after Joe Thornton signed with the Leafs. I wanted to know if my guesses were right on the money or hilariously wrong. I was aware of when I wrote the piece:
Until that date comes, all we can do is speculate our best guesses for what the Leafs might do with their lineups for the coming season and who might fit best in other spots. We are quite removed from when the campaign could potentially start so it’s entirely possible that my projections could be well off the mark. Add to the fact that there remain questions of whether the AHL season can be played and if there will be expanded rosters, you have a perfect storm of an article that may one day end up being mocked for being completely wrong.
But we’re going to …

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Author: Michael Mazzei / The Leafs Nation

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