Reviewing the Maple Leafs’ 2021 NHL Draft class

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The Maple Leafs added three prospects to their system in the 2021 NHL draft, and despite only having picks in the second, fifth, and sixth rounds, they were able to add some valuable pieces to the organization. They selected a projectable player with a relatively high floor in the second round, took a swing on a high-upside prospect with their fifth-round pick, and added another wildcard to the goaltending depth chart in the sixth round.
This was always going to be an unpredictable draft class with so many prospects having their seasons turned upside down due to the pandemic and the Leafs felt comfortable heading into the weekend with only three picks after adding 12 prospects to the organization in last year’s draft.

“I think for us, last year we had a lot of picks and knowing that this year would be a little bit of a different type of season, and not knowing in October how it was going to play out… Our team was where we were at the trade deadline, we made a determination to move some of our draft capital out to try to give ourselves the best chance we could.”
– Kyle Dubas, …

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Author: Nick Richard / The Leafs Nation

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