Re-signing Jake Gardiner should be a priority

There are plenty of rumours going around. The Toronto Maple Leafs were predicted to have a busy off-season and it’s ready to start before the Stanley Cup has even been lifted.
With two likely departures in Nikita Zaitsev and Patrick Marleau, the 2019-20 Leafs are starting to look fairly different compared to their first-round exit counterparts. There is no certainty as of right now, but a number of players, including the two mentioned, might be on their way out of Toronto and starting with new NHL franchises before training camp begins in September.
The shuffling of pieces across the lineup can have meaningful repercussions, but one piece that should stay put in Toronto is defenceman Jake Gardiner. Notorious among a certain type of fans, Gardiner has proven that he is not only more than a capable NHL defenceman, but a very good one.
The hard cap system that is currently active in the league prevents teams from keeping all of their very good players, but retaining Gardiner and convincing the player to stay in Toronto is something that Dubas should heavily consider. He’s a good player and if the Leafs want to contend for a championship in the …

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Author: Thomas Williams / The Leafs Nation

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