Raptors take on Warriors in Game 1 of their first ever Finals: Preview, start time and more

The Raptors look to kick the Golden State Warriors off their pedestal in Game 1 of the NBA Finals. We repeat: the Raptors are in the NBA Finals. Every year, Jimmy Kimmel sends his sidekick Guillermo to the NBA Finals Media Day to mess around with the players and ask ridiculous questions. I’ve always enjoyed watching it — I like to analyze which players treat him with respect, and which players don’t give him the time of day (e.g. LeBron James). Like every other morning, I woke up and checked Twitter today. To my surprise, I found pictures of Guillermo feeding maple syrup shots to Norman Powell. It may seem strange, but this was the moment it really dawned on me: The Raptors are in the NBA FINALS.
Of course, I celebrated (and shed more than a few tears) after Game 6 against Milwaukee. Still, I hadn’t thought about the big picture, and what making the finals entails. The media circus, the constant scrutiny, the hot takes and the narratives all fall on Toronto’s shoulders with Kawhi Leonard bearing the load. As a lifelong Raptor fan living in Toronto, I’ve never seen anything like this; it’s …

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Author: Dylan Litman / Raptors HQ

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