Raptors seek a bounce back in Game 3 vs. the 76ers: Preview, start time and more

The Raptors nearly won Game 2 despite the 76ers best efforts. Can they answer on the road in Game 3? The Raptors shot 36 percent from the field, made 10 of their 37 three-point attempts, turned the ball over nine times, lost the rebounding battle by 17, and lost Game 2 by a margin of — hold on, let me adjust my glasses — five points.
If you’re not feeling a modicum of optimism, even considering a home playoff loss, then you’re not looking hard enough. The 76ers did all the things they had to do in Monday’s Game 2 after having their butts handed to them in Game 1. They changed up a bunch of defensive matchups — Tobias Harris on Marc Gasol, Joel Embiid on Pascal Siakam, Ben Simmons on Kawhi Leonard — forcing those Raptors players out of their comfort zone (if only in the short-term) and Toronto into matchup hunting. After a devolution of their offence in the first half, though, the Raptors went back to their normal selves. They won the third quarter by seven and nearly stole the game at the last second, as a wide open game-tying Danny Green three was too strong.
So, yes, now the Raptors have to answer with adjustments …

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Author: John Gaudes / Raptors HQ

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