Raptors come unraveled in Philly, lose 116-95 in Game 3

The Raptors failed to adjust and got nothing from their bench and supporting cast, leaving themselves in hot water, down 2-to-1 to the Sixers. The margin for error in the playoffs is extremely small. In the regular season you can blow the one game where you miss all your free throws, the one game where you don’t make the adjustment you need to make, the game where you went cold in the minutes you needed to win. You just need to be ready to bounce back. The Raptors had myriad games like this throughout the regular season. They inexplicably lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers, they dropped a game by 30 to the Orlando Magic. Sometimes your opponent shoots 50 percent from three. Sometimes you struggle in a matchup you normally win. In the regular season you just move on.
In the playoffs, that one game is potentially a fourth of your season. Everything that you let slide in the regular season becomes amplified. You can’t afford to make needless mistakes.
The Toronto Raptors needed to do a couple things in tonight’s game. They needed more from their bench. They needed to match Marc Gasol’s minutes to Joel Embiid. …

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Author: Jacob M. Mack / Raptors HQ

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