Ranking All of the Reverse Retro Jerseys

The NHL has spent the last week teasing their new Reverse Retro theme around the league, and with them finally being unveiled today, the internet surprisingly loves and hates every jersey.
So with that, I’ve decided to rank every jersey based on it’s looks and how well it matches the Reverse Retro theme. Who better to do a ranking on something about fashion than me, someone who’s wardrobe mostly consists of band or meme t-shirts, jeans, and cargo shorts? I’ll put them into tiers to separate them out a bit, but this will also be a true countdown, don’t worry.
Disgusting (the insult)
31. New York Islanders
They literally picked a more boring shade of blue than what they had on their already boring jerseys. Like, either use the current jerseys with the fisherman logo, or use the current logo with an all orange jersey, those were their only plays.
But hey, if anything sums up the Lou Lamoriello era of Islanders history, it’s a bad jersey that is also super boring to look at.
30. Detroit Red Wings
Look, the Wings (and the Leafs) were in a tough spot with this one because they only …

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Author: Scott Maxwell / The Leafs Nation

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