Rachel Doerrie’s 5 Thoughts: The Good, The Dumb, and The Ovechkin Spot

The Maple Leafs…started on time last night?! Is that allowed? Apparently it is, and they did. This is NOT a drill, people!.
Well, I suppose that’s progress, right? Auston Matthew showed up to play tonight with two high-quality goals and a brilliant back check(?!) to nullify a breakaway. Another positive is that the Leafs, including Matthews, responded to Washington’s (Tom Wilson, to be specific) antics by pushing back on a few occasions. That’s another positive.
In the end, a solid effort from Matthews and Nylander was not enough, as another lazy penalty gave Ovechkin the chance he needed, and he didn’t miss.
1) William Nylander is a Stud
What can you say about William Nylander — other than he’s a stud. Nylander is a transition god, a skill which was evident against the Caps on Tuesday night, and his zone entries are something to behold. Now, he’s creating goals off the forecheck. Nylander didn’t get credit for an assist on either of the first two goals, but make no mistake, NEITHER goal happens without him.
It’s no secret that many in the Toronto media and fan base think he’s soft. I’m …

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Author: Rachel Doerrie / The Leafs Nation

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