Rachel Doerrie’s 5 Thoughts on Last Night’s Vancouver Victory

It was the battle of the country’s most expensive real estate markets on Tuesday night as the Toronto Maple Leafs met with the Vancouver Canucks, in what I’m now calling the Real Estate Bowl.
For the first time in a while, the game started at 7 pm on the West Coast, much to the delight of Canucks fans who usually grumble about an earlier start. Well, I’m not exactly thrilled that I had to stay up til 12:25, so how’s that for an argument?
It didn’t much matter, though. The Leafs won 4-1 and here are 5 thoughts:
1) Is Frederik Andersen Santa?
It’s not even close to a stretch to say that this was Frederik Andersen’s best game of the year.
Giving up zero goals on four breakaways is quite the accomplishment (and we will get to that in a second), so his team didn’t exactly help. There were also a few really tough deflections in the slot — nothing like having to consistently shut down Boeser and Pettersson scoring chances, too. At 5v5, the Leafs were expected to give up 2.42 goals. Freddy decided to only surrender one.
It wasn’t that Andersen gave up only …

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Author: Rachel Doerrie / The Leafs Nation

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