Preseason Pre-Game #1: Five Things to Watch vs Ottawa

Hockey is back, folks! And we here at The Leafs Nation couldn’t be more excited about it, which is why we’re changing some things up before the action truly kicks off.
Be honest; do you really need a standard pre-game preview? How much does a by-the-numbers post-game recap really tell you about what you just spent the last three hours watching with your own two eyes? That’s what I thought.
What you want out of your game-day content is some juice, baby. Some spice. And in order to give you that, we’re moving away from the tired old format in favour of a different direction.
Welcome to the Five Thoughts Era! You’ll get the hang of it as you read on.
Game Preview
There are too many preseason games. Like, way too many.
When the Leafs hit the ice in St. John’s, Newfoundland tonight (did you hear their training camp is in Newfoundland this year?) to take on what appears to be a peewee team disguised as the Ottawa Senators, it will be their first of eight preseason matchups over the next twelve days.
Why? What is the purpose of this?
Aside from giving …

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Author: Mike Stephens / The Leafs Nation

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