Preseason Post-Game #3: Five takeaways from Win #1

Rejoice. The Leafs have proven they can defeat a beat a Buffalo team that featured none of its top players. A shutout is always nice so we won’t dwell on things like this game being meaningless, the rosters being mismatched, and just generally that beating Buffalo should always be expected. We’re going to focus on the win, and that a lot of the players we wanted to look good, looked pretty darn good.
Game Recap
The Leafs picked up a 3-0 win during their first true home game of September. Matthews scoring on a gift wrapped pass from Nylander is a nice reminder of what is to come this year, and Freddie Andersen is looking like he’ll be starting strong this year. All and all, a good Friday night. Here are the five key takeaways…
#1- Rasmus Sandin should be a Leaf
At this point we’re past Rasmus Sandin playing his way onto the Leafs and now it seems like he’s trying to make a case for playing his way into the top four.
It’s preseason and it’s easy to get carried away with how good players do against weak competition, but Sandin …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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