Prematurely judging the Leafs

A tenth is when we can start getting judgy, right? I mean really we’ve all already been reactionary and judgy about the Leafs at points in this young season already, so why not formalize it six games in and start talking about who has impressed and who has disappointed? We all have opinions, so we’ve decided to air them publicly before enough games have been played for the numbers to be statistically meaningful. We can go 100% gut on this, so I’ve asked The Leafs Nation contributors, who has impressed and who has disappointed so far…
Brendan Mori:
Impressed:John Tavares – JT looks like a completely different hockey player this season. Last season, Tavares had a laundry list of things come up, including the birth of his first son, being named captain of the team, suffering an injury at the World Championships, breaking his finger early in the season and seeing his head coach get fired in November. One year later, Tavares looks more like the player he was in his first season with the Leafs. He is flying around the ice once again, making nifty plays and lifting his linemates. Tavares also looks a lot more comfortable …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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