Postgame: 5 Thoughts From the Leafs’ Energetic Win Over the Bruins

The Leafs took on the Boston Bruins tonight in a re-invigoration of a long-lasting rivalry between the two Original Six teams. Boston and Toronto have been in lockstep for the last couple years, as the Leafs soar up from the basement-dwelling years, and the Bruins slowly deflate after their 2011 Stanley Cup winning team ages.
Speed, speed, speed!
Both teams tonight absolutely flew through this game. The time was flying by as each team made solid rushes from their zone to the other, got a chance, and then everyone rushed back to do the same at the other end. This kind of excitement is what drives coaches crazy, but for fans like us, it’s primo entertainment.
With the skating talent on both sides, perhaps this result is no surprise, but regardless, it was exciting to see.
Since the Leafs are obviously the team we care more about, I should say that I found the Leafs were putting on an absolute clinic in transition hockey. The defense and forwards were all one unit, moving the puck swiftly from the defensive zone to offensive, which was a huge contributing factor to the fast pace of the game.
No Tavares Shuffle
The Leafs …

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Author: Ryan Hobart / The Leafs Nation

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