PHF ownership puts up $25M growth investment for next season

The Premier Hockey Federation (PHF), the league in which our Toronto Six play, announced yesterday morning that some major positive changes are coming:

The PHF is excited to announce a commitment from the Board of Governors to invest over $25 million in direct payments to its players over the next three years, with a salary cap increase up to $750,000 per team for next season.
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— PHF (@PHF) January 18, 2022

This growth effort comes after years of hard work by everyone involved with this league and the fight to create equal opportunities for women and transgender people. In the words of Mike Murphy, one of my idols in the combined space of hockey stats and advocacy for inclusion and equity:

A huge day for women’s hockey. Players inside and outside the PHF have worked hard for news like today’s news to come. They earned it.This investment represents so many things, including an opportunity to continue playing the sport they love and we love to watch them play.
— Mike Murphy (@DigDeepBSB) January 18, 2022

One of the most substantial changes comes to the salary cap, which is currently $300,000 per team, and will be raised to $750,000 per team, more than 150% increase. Not only will there be salary growth, but there’s a $7.5M package to cover salaries and benefits. This includes full healthcare benefits provided by the clubs. It also grants the players 10% equity in the franchises, which will be managed by an investment pool owned by all PHF players.
According to Holly Morrison at The Ice Garden, the health benefits package also continues the existing pregnancy leave agreement that the league has, as posted on their Player Benefits page.
Other improvements include updating the existing playing facilities, purchasing new equipment for the players (it’s un …

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Author: Ryan Hobart / The Leafs Nation

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