Page 6ix Wednesday, October 28th: Babies, Fur Babies, and Instagram Madness

Happy Wednesday, gossip hounds. If you’re here, it likely means you either have a sense of unwavering loyalty to yours truly, or you too need a break from the real world to focus on the mundane, trivial fun of hockey gossip and drama.
So let’s get to it, shall we?
Leafs Lads (and Ladies, and Fur Babies)
Our boys in blue were all over Instagram this week cuddling their furry loved ones. First up, this adorable picture of Morgan Rielly and little Zoë, shared by Tessa Virtue on her IG stories:

This picture of Mo and Zoë is Tessa’s favorite on her phone right now and I’m not okay
— Mer (@MerOutLoud) October 27, 2020

It’s her favourite, and it might be ours too.
Then, we have our adorable backup goalie Jack Campbell, aka cat dad extraordinaire:

We must protect Jack Campbell at all costs
— Mer (@MerOutLoud) October 27, 2020

Love those furry friend pics!
Finally, quick shout out to the newest Leaf goalie, Aaron Dell, and his fiancee Nicole, who recently made the move to Toronto. Nicole has been documenting it on IG stories, and if you don’t yet …

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Author: MerOutLoud / The Leafs Nation

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