Page 6ix Wednesday, January 13th: HOCKEY’S BACK, BABY!

Sorry, we’re just a little bit excited that HOCKEY IS BACK! The Leafs play tonight! Hockey will be on our televisions/laptops/phones/whatever tonight, this evening, in like…5.5 hours. This is a glorious day.
Anyways that’s the column for this week, see you next week folks.
….nah. There’s some fun stuff to look at, I suppose. Let’s start with Leafs-land.
Leafs Lads
Everyone’s favourite back-up goalie celebrated a birthday this week! Wish Jack Campbell a happy birthday!

Happy birthday Jack!
— Toronto Maple Leafs (@MapleLeafs) January 9, 2021

And he got some adorable birthday notes from his new neighbours, who are apparently big Leafs fans:

jack campbell got birthday cards from the kids next door
— mitch marney (@marnylandersen) January 10, 2021

Meanwhile, the new Leafs are settling in:

The veteran teaching the rookie. #NHLonSN
— Sportsnet (@Sportsnet) January 11, 2021

And celebrating well, during the Leafs televised scrimmage over the weekend:

Celly scenes #LeafsForever
— Toronto Maple Leafs (@MapleLeafs) January 10, 2021

Seems like the players are also excited to have hockey back!
Boston Beats
Another week with a whole header …

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Author: Mer / The Leafs Nation

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