Ovechkin says the Leafs need to play differently, and he might be right

“They’re a young team” gets tossed around an awful lot in pro sports, no? “Ahh, cut this team some slack. They’re young, still learning to win”. I mean, you’ve got to learn to win, otherwise I’m assuming you’d just spend all your time learning to lose. Not a place any team wants to be. But in all seriousness, the “learning to win” narrative gets used a lot and it’s hard to pin down how much weight to put on it.
The Leafs are still a young team. Their average age might not be the lowest in the league, but the core of their team is a trio of forwards aged 23 and younger plus John Tavares. If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a trillion times, the future is bright with this team.
Except when it isn’t…or at least when the present seems to bring a big hiccup in those plans.
That’s where the Leafs find themselves right now, at least at a glance. This 2019 calendar year hasn’t been kind to them, and they’ve been unable to get positive results in the standings to this point in …

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Author: Ryan Fancey / The Leafs Nation

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