Our first look at the 2021 Leafs points to Toronto being a fun team to watch

Going into the Leafs vs. Leafs preseason game to decide who Leafs the hardest, we already had a pretty good idea of what the Leafs were. We were expecting an offensively driven team that relies on skilled puck movement, and elite finishing ability to get the job done. In short we expected them to be fun, and a 7-3 win for White over Blue points to that. And there was no doubt that after a five month absence of seeing the Leafs on the ice, in something resembling a hockey game, we all wanted this.
Moving past the fun stuff, there were certainly somethings that we wanted to keep an eye out for, and some of the simple questions were answered.
First up, should be excited for Mikko Lehtonen in a Leafs uniform? Well, he answered that with a resounding yes.

Mikko Lehtonen with the shot, and William Nylander with the tip past Freddy and it’s 3-1 for Team White! pic.twitter.com/jp6duffGBj
— The Leafs Nation (@TLNdc) January 10, 2021

His shootout goal at the end of the first period was also encouraging, and while it’s too early to say “upgrade over Tyson Barrie,” I’m going to start …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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