On Pitching Prospect Depth

As the dust begins to settle from the house-clearing trade deadline deals, it fell of course to Ross Atkins to explain, justify, defend, and expand upon his rational for the deals he made. The most prominent theme, apart from how much the team apparently loves the potential of CF Derek Fisher, is their obsession with building out pitching prospect depth and how these moves fit into that. For all the criticism from the peanut gallery, it’s a fair concern.  The most salient feature of pitching prospects as a group is an incredibly high attrition rate.  Consider these highly regarded pitcher prospects heading into the 2011 season:
Drew Hutchinson, Nestor Molina, Noah Syndergaard, Justin Nicolino, Daniel Norris, Aaron Sanchez, Roberto Osuna, Chad Jenkins, Asher Wojceichowski, Sean Nolin – all ranked as top 30 prospects that spring.  Want to roll with a five man rotation from that crew in any year over the last 3-4 seasons?
So it is both true that you need a LOT of guys with MLB potential and that on any list, most if not all of them will fail to live up to anything close to their ceiling. The goal then is to have enough that even if 3/4 fail …

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Author: Tammy Rainey / Blue Jays Nation

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