On Marcus Stroman, Our Beloved Determined Cocky Pitcher

In 2017, students interviewing at NYU’s College of Dentistry went through two interviews over the course of their morning touring the program. My understanding of the process was that the first interview was meant to be more academic and was aimed at testing the prospective candidate’s ability to handle the rigors of dental school, while the second was to be a more laid back experience that confirmed that the candidate was able to carry a conversation. I’d say both are equally important, so when I completely bombed my fist interview, I was convinced that no matter what happened in my second interview, my chances of getting into a program that I considered one of my fallback schools were slim to none.
I entered the second interview room with nerves aplenty, but before I was even able to see the friendly face greeting me from the black office chair behind the desk, I heard the words “You’re the baseball guy, right?” Taken aback, I let out an uncomfortable laugh that doubled as a sigh of relief, as I knew I was about to have a breeze of a conversation, and answered “Yes, I’m the baseball guy”.
I …

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Author: Gideon Turk / Blue Jays Nation

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