NHL Network continues to not know hockey, leaves Andersen out of Top-10

It’s extremely August in the hockey world to be upset about an arbitrary ranking that doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. But Frederik Andersen not being included in the recent Top-10 Goalies list put out by NHL Network is absurd.

ICYMI: Here are our Top 10 Goalies! #NHLTopPlayers pic.twitter.com/FARG4tN8nE
— NHL Network (@NHLNetwork) August 26, 2019

Looking through the list, there’s certainly plenty of arguments to be made. Shuffling positions and rankings to correlate more to what should be the correct order for the best goaltenders in the league today, but there are some players that should have not been left out entirely.
Of course, goalies are historically one of the least predictable positions and getting a sense for their talent is a difficult task, but there’s certain ways to do exactly that. Maybe not as precise as skaters, but close enough to not make yourself look like a complete fool and give someone a top spot just because they won a trophy.
According to Hockey Reference, there is more than simple save percentage or goals against average to judge your goaltender — the latter having nothing to do with individual talent, but whatever. …

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Author: Thomas Williams / The Leafs Nation

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