News and Notes: Mike Babcock’s dismissal doesn’t appear to be imminent

It’s all about Mike Babcock right now. With the Maple Leafs massively underachieving, the head coach is on the hot seat and fans are wondering when the plug is finally going to be pulled.

It’s no secret that Kyle Dubas and Babcock don’t see eye to eye. Dubas is a young, new-school type who wants to push the team into the future, opting for speed and skill over grit and physicality. Babcock is an old-school type, who believes in playing defence first and the importance of an all-around game. Dubas assembled a roster that suits his vision, while Babcock is trying to contort it to match his own vision.
Right in the middle of all of this is Brendan Shanahan, the guy who ultimately makes the decision as to whether Babcock gets canned and the Leafs move in a different direction. As Ryan Fancey wrote the other day, only Shanahan can pull the plug on Babcock.
While Shanahan surely believes in what Dubas is doing and that he’s ahead of the curb as to where the league is headed, he also certainly has respect for the man who coached him while with the Detroit Red Wings …

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Author: Cam Lewis / The Leafs Nation

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