Muzzin contract picking up steam, Leafs sort of linked to Josh Manson

There’s been a somewhat surprising amount of Muzzin contract talk over the last week or so since he bounced back from his stint on injured reserve. And I say somewhat surprising because we haven’t heard any of the same rumblings with Tyson Barrie, a right-shot who is younger and also set to go to free agency this summer.
It’s been Muzzin getting all the attention, and that seems to be ramping up to the point where a new contract extension looks almost imminent. The latest in this situation was brought about by Bob McKenzie last night on Insider Trading:
Well there’s no question ‘s on record saying he’d like to come back and stay with the Toronto Maple Leafs. And I think there’s no question, I think, that the Toronto Maple Leafs want back, for both sides, under the right set of circumstances.
We reported last week that there have been some preliminary discussions. We expect that to pick up in the days to come, when there is an expectation that the Leafs management will be meeting with Muzzin’s rep to try and further those …

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Author: Ryan Fancey / The Leafs Nation

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