More trade proposals from around Leaf Land

A couple of days ago we put out a call for trade proposals. We took a look at some of them in the post below…
Taking a look at the trades you want the Leafs to make

Given the number of trade proposals we received we’ve decided to do a follow up post a few of the other interesting proposals we received. So without further adieu…

To TorontoParayko
To St. LouisJohnssonLildjgren15th OA pick
— Tim Smitten (@TSmitten9) August 30, 2020

Scott:  This is one of those trades where I’m hesitant to say yes, but deep down know it’s a solid trade, which probably means that it’s good for both sides. That’s just my biased opinion, but I have no problem with this trade, although if anyone says no, it’ll be St. Louis.
Michael: Not 100% sure this will be enough of a return to convice the Blues to part ways with Parayko since they value him so highly. I like the idea behind it and more often than not this the kind of package teams need to give up to get a defeceman like …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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