Monday Mailbag: How good is the Leafs core, Trading Willie, Deviant Art, and More…

It’s been a while since we’ve done a mailbag. Or maybe it’s just been a while since I’ve done a mailbag. I don’t really read the site, I get to read all the best content while I write it. Anyway, I thought, “hey, I bet there might be some Leafs questions kicking around”, especially following the Marlies getting bounced, but those seem to be few and far between. Promises were made however to do a mailbag, and I will comply.

A question about the Leafs core and long term forecasting: What’s your optimism level for the Leafs chances in the next 5 seasons? Can they advance past the first round against like a 38 year old Bergeron?
— Mike Stephens (@bymikestephens) May 27, 2019
I would say that I have a very high level of optimism for years 2-5 of this, but not so much for next season, and I think it might be best for the Leafs to take a purposeful step back for a year before gearing up for next few years.
The Leafs are in a bit of a pickle from a cap standpoint and there will be a struggle to just get the Leafs to …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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