Mike Babcock isn’t going to change his goaltender usage anytime soon

One of the most common criticism’s of Mike Babcock is that he doesn’t care what analytics have to say and he’s going to do what he thinks is right. (This is a criticism of pretty much every coach in the league by the way, but we’re focusing on Babcock for now.) That’s why it seems odd that when Babcock cites somewhat sound math, we disagree with his philosophy on goaltender splits in back to backs.
TSN asked Mike Babcock about the goaltender usage today, and you can get his full reply here, and Leafs players offering up hockey cliches,  but if you’re more the reading type, the money quote is below, along with my takes that you never really ask for, but are going to get stuck reading if you like them or not.
“Can you imagine if you lost game one, then you went to game two tired, i dunno, that investment makes no sense to me what so ever.”
So this is certainly a valid opinion. A rested team with their best goaltender is going to play better than a tired team with their best goaltender and their rested team with their …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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