Marner Marner is Not (and Has Never Been) Disrespected

Throughout his first three seasons as a Toronto Maple Leaf, Mitch Marner accrued a level of goodwill amongst the fanbase that has rarely ever been seen. This Marner praise was practically universal in its scope, too. And why wouldn’t it be? The kid was so easy to love.
Within a city so acutely well-versed on eating its own, Marner was different. He was untouchable.
Not anymore, that is. That goodwill is gone.

Listen, we could argue for days over whether Marner is truly worth the outlandish price he’s asking for (spoiler alert: he isn’t), but that wouldn’t really accomplish much, would it? It’s a point everyone has hammered home all summer long. What more is there really left to say?
So, rather than banging my head against a wall for the *checks calendar* sixth month in a row, I instead want to delve into the reported foundation of “disrespect” the Marner camp has built their negotiating platform upon.
And by “delve into”, I mean “explain how it’s entirely fictional”.
Schedule B
Contract negotiation has never been easy for Marner. Not even from the beginning.
Once brushed off as pure speculation, the reported anger felt …

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Author: Mike Stephens / The Leafs Nation

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