Marlies and Me: Three wins in first five games for Toronto

Three wins for Toronto and three wins for Andrew D’Agostini through five games.
It’s been one week since the Marlies started their season in Winnipeg, facing off against the Manitoba Moose in four-straight games. It was a success to say the least and even though they took four of eight points, there was still a lot of good to look back on.
“In terms of our organization and where our details are within our system — it’s game four we’re gonna keep teaching, keep getting better and overall, if we’re looking back at these four games, the chances of eliminating the opponents here right now is pretty strong, and we have something to build off of.” Said Marlies Head Coach, Greg Moore after losing to Manitoba on Friday night.
But now they’re in Calgary, with the hopes of bettering their chances of winning a series instead of taking the draw. And after game one on Sunday, you could say they’re more confident now than ever before.
Toronto dominated in a game that finished 7-1 versus the Stockton Heat (who began their season on Sunday). There was a lot said going into this series about …

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Author: Nick Barden / The Leafs Nation

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