Mark Shapiro talks about Spring Training broadcasts, Blue Jays home games, and more!

Mark Shapiro appeared on The Bob McCown Podcast on Wednesday and spoke about a handful of interesting things, including the ongoing broadcast drama of Blue Jays Spring Training games and where the team will be playing its home games come the regular season.

On the Spring Training broadcasts, or lack thereof…
A big storyline so far this year is the fact that Blue Jays baseball is back and nobody is able to watch it. Even more abnormal, we aren’t able to hear most of the Grapefruit games on the radio because Sportsnet has axed that part of its production.
As we learned last week, Sportsnet will only be producing three Grapefruit games this spring and they’ll all come in late-March. Otherwise, we’re relying on Toronto’s opponents to have either a television or radio stream to be able to consume these games. And then, come regular season time, the Blue Jays will have a TV broadcast featuring Dan Shulman, Buck Martinez, and Pat Tabler simulcast on the radio, leaving Ben Wagner somewhere in limbo.
When asked about the broadcast situation, Shapiro remained fairly tight-lipped, and ultimately reiterated what he said a couple of weeks ago about how …

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Author: Cam Lewis / Blue Jays Nation

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