Mark Shapiro expects payroll to continue to rise despite Blue Jays lagging behind in revenue

The Blue Jays have a big winter ahead of them.

After coming up just short of reaching the playoffs with a 91-71 record, Toronto heads into the off-season with a pair of key contributors, Robbie Ray and Marcus Semien, set to hit free agency.
Mark Shapiro gave an end-of-season press conference on Monday in which he offered some optimism for fans when it comes to how the team is going to operate over the winter. While Shapiro and Co. don’t yet have a payroll figure for the 2022 season, the Blue Jays President and CEO believes that ownership will continue the trend of increasing spending…
“The choreography of our off-season leaves our final payroll meeting with ownership still about one month away, so while I’d like to think I’m making those decisions unilaterally, I’m certainly not. We’ve got to make our proposal.
But every indication I’ve received, and I think every indication that we’ve been shown, which is the demonstration of consistent and strong support, along with us fulfilling our end of the bargain, which is demonstrating that the team continues to improve and we continue to perform on the field. That leads me …

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Author: Cam Lewis / Blue Jays Nation

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