Maple Leafs Pre-Game #19: 5 Things to Watch for in the Windy City

The Maple Leafs lost last night. Then again, you probably forgot all about it, what with the barrage of bigotry and discrimination spewed from the mouth of a notoriously unsuccessful former coach/executive who continues to preach his agenda of exclusion upon the nationally-televised pulpit given to him by Canada’s Public Broadcaster overshadowing it.
#HockeyIsForEveryone, though. Whatever sells those t-shirts.
To those who were affected by last night’s events, please know that you are valued, cherished and accepted, just as everyone in the greater hockey community should be. No one — especially not the Don Cherrys of the world — can ever change that. The Leafs Nation stands with you. We always will.
Here’s who the Leafs are set to ice tonight as they take on the Blackhawks.


Michael Hutchinson is expected to draw the start in goal.
1) Moving Forward Without Marner
Regardless of what you think of Mitch Marner, losing him for what might be the foreseeable future is a crushing blow, particularly to a Leafs team that seems to be hitting their stride. If you watched the game, you’ll know that Marner was forced to leave the ice last night with an ankle injury …

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Author: Mike Stephens / The Leafs Nation

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