Make peace with Mitch Marner’s upcoming three-year bridge deal

For the five billionth time, let’s start things off by getting this out of the way: It’s September and a huge list of high-profile restricted free agents have not signed new deals, Mitch Marner included. It’s a somewhat unprecedented situation, this whole thing. And we keep saying it looks like a change in the way things have always been done. We’ll see.

Good morning. It’s September 6th and these young NHL superstars remain unsigned:
Mikko RantanenBrayden PointMitch MarnerMatthew TkachukZach WerenskiIvan ProvorovKyle ConnorBrock BoeserPatrik LaineCurtis Lazar
— Yahoo Sports NHL (@YahooSportsNHL) September 6, 2019

Because this is a Leafs page, you may have guessed we’re going to talk about Marner again, hopefully for one of the last times before this whole thing is settled.
Basically all I want to do is touch base to say this: Start making peace with Marner signing a maybe-too-expensive short term bridge deal, because that’s what’s going to happen in the next few days or weeks. As this thing has continually evolved over the summer and now into back-to-school territory, the specifics on numbers have been kept relatively under wraps (or conversely, at times so wide-ranging from so many sources that they …

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Author: Ryan Fancey / The Leafs Nation

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