Luck, Inconsistency, and Penalties define the Leafs first 10 games

Let’s start of with the fact that the Leafs are 7-2-1 to start the season, sitting at the top of their division, and we’ve seen demonstrations of skill from all the players you’d hope to see that from. The big four forwards are doing terrific, the new additions on the blueline are certainly making it appear the position has been upgraded, and Andersen and Campbell seem like they will be able to get the job done for the Leafs this year.
On the surface everything is looking pretty great, but some of that changes when we reflect on how the Leafs have gotten to this point. The reality is that it’s been a very shaky 7-2-1 performance, and more often than not, the Leafs have been relying on their power play to bail them out, getting by on short bursts of offensive talent in an otherwise lackluster night of hockey from them.

Looking at their performances to date, the wins in Ottawa and against Winnipeg were the only two that statistically show the Leafs as a dominant team at 5v5 and looking to earn their victory. And even in both of those games, the …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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