Looking back at the first 10 games of Sheldon Keefe

Ten games seems like as good a time as any to start evaluating a new coach, right? I’m sure by now he’s established deep and meaningful relationships with all of his players and they’ve 100% adapted to the style of hockey he wants them to play. We should assume everything that has happened so far will be exactly what continues to happen, no better, no worse, right?
Folks, that first paragraph might have a tad of sarcasm to it and I hope you caught it. I by no means think that it’s fair judge Keefe on these first 10 games, 8 of which have been on the road, but interestingly enough, by Mike Babcock’s own metric of picking up six points in every five games, Sheldon Keefe has delivered on what the Leafs were expected to do this year. He just hasn’t moved them beyond that yet, and that’s part that is worrisome for anyone wanting the playoff experience this season.
Is it possible the Leafs are still in playoff contention? Well, MoneyPuck puts them at 38.3% odds to make it, and that’s largely based on how bad …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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