Looking at the MLBPA’s proposal for service time and what it would mean for the Blue Jays

To borrow (and mangle) a concept from my Beloved Legion of Superheroes comics, The Great Darkness is upon us.

For some yet unknown period of time, surely too long to be adequately filled with diversions like Top Prospect lists, and so I fully admit that I, and everyone else who writes about baseball, are entering a season of grasping at straws. Such is our lot. Today’s straw relates to the reported proposal that MLBPA made to the owners in the last days of the old CBA regarding service time as it relates to free agency. Noting in passing that they both are ignoring my perfectly palatable proposal to solve their impasse. Aaaanyway…The Owners, for their part, were on record saying the only change they would consider relating to qualifying for free agency is a flat age standard of 29.5 years. This would indeed let some players, mostly more fungible guys like relievers, reach free agency before six years, but it would also allow the best (and thus most expensive) young stars to be retained even longer. For example, Vlad Guerrero will play next year at age 23, meaning the Jays retain control of him for seven more full seasons. Obviously, …

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Author: Tammy Rainey / Blue Jays Nation

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