Let’s be frank: The Leafs wasted this season

Honestly, I don’t know where to start with this one, so let’s skip the boring intro and get right to it. This season was a waste, no doubt about it.
This season began, and ended, on July 1st. We signed John Tavares, and then that’s it. We might as well had done nothing this year, because just about everything that happened after that doesn’t matter now.
Mitch Marner had a 90 point season? That’s cool! Tavares almost scored 50 in his debut season as a Leaf? Nice! Matthews hit 70 for the first time in his career? Neato! Rielly had a Norris calibre season? That’s dope! We had three different series leads during the series against the Bruins and pushed them to the brink? Awesome!
But guess what. It doesn’t matter.
Because in the end, we ended up in the exact same place as last season: losing game 7 to the Bruins. And the Leafs only have themselves to blame.
Flash back to Game 1 of the season against Montreal. I remember watching that game, and scrolling through Twitter, and there was one thing everyone was complaining about.
The Leafs were making too many stretch passes. Every time …

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Author: Scott Maxwell / The Leafs Nation

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