Let’s assign each Toronto Raptor an Avenger comparison

In the spirit of a casual Friday afternoon, and on the eve of the second round of the playoffs for Toronto, let’s assign each Raptor a corresponding Avenger. A couple of weeks ago, our guy Josh Kern came to me with an idea to assign Game of Thrones characters to each of the Toronto Raptors. It was the type of idea we’d done before — both for Star Wars and the X-Men — but I’m not as well-versed in HBO’s hit show so I was a bit cool towards the idea. I regret this now because, well, it would have been fun to see Josh try to do it (and because of my craven SEO instincts).
In any case, now it’s Friday, on the eve of the tense second round of the NBA playoffs, so let’s cut loose.
In that spirit, and since everyone is in the process of trying to see, why not find appropriate comparisons for the Raptors as Avengers? I happened to see Avengers: Endgame earlier this week — with some thoughts on it here (spoiler alert: it’s not bad) — and it set my mind turning. Also, again, it’s Friday, and we …

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Author: Daniel Reynolds / Raptors HQ

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