Leafs to be well represented in the World Junior Tournament

MY STARS! There are no Leafs prospects at the Canadian World Junior camp. While understandably disappointing as Canadians are likely to be cheering for Team Canada, the Leafs have put us in a situation where Leafs fans will have a vested interest in the Russian, Finnish, and American teams as well.
Nick Robertson
Robertson may or may not be on Team USA’s roster. It’s going to come down to when NHL training camps are going on and if the Leafs see having Robertson with the Leafs or whether giving him the opportunity to play with Team USA is the better option for him.
Robertson would be a very welcome addition for the Americans and given the Leafs depth on wing, sending him to play at a competitive best on best tournament might be a better use of his time than skating on depth lines in Toronto.
The Russian Three
Without a doubt the team that Leafs fans should be watching the most, it’s probably Russia. Rodion Amirov has shown the potential to be every bit the elite prospect that Robertson is, and he will be playing for certain. Mikhail Abramov has the potential to be a first …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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