Leafs should offersheet Jesse Puljujarvi

Fun fact: Offersheets just don’t happen. This will probably apply a lot to this post, but also remember it the next time you are out on a ledge about Mitch Marner as well. Committing to an offersheet is committing to a whole lot of uncertainty and it’s hard to find a more risk averse group than NHL GMs. You’re basically committing to an overpayment, you’ll have to wait a week to see if your offer will be matched or not, you’re giving up draft picks, and especially with 1st rounders involved, are you prepared for if your team underperforms and you give up a lottery pick? Are you prepared for that pick exceed the abilities of the player you signed? No. None of this sounds like anything that a GM is willing to put on themselves. Especially when the most recent “successful” offer sheet is to Dustin Penner, who was decidedly not very good and the action nearly led to a barn fight.
Since Penner (2007) there have been 5 failed offer sheet attempts. David Backes, Steve Bernier, Niklas Hjalmarsson, Shea Weber, and Ryan O’Reilly. You could argue the quality of player has been improving, but 5 …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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