Leafs should be able to find a solid player in second round of the draft (Rankings)

It’s draft week, and with the Leafs not scheduled to pick until the late second round there’s a good chance you’re greeting the draft with an aggressive “meh”. That’s fair. What’s also fair is that you are more interested about the transactions the Leafs will be completing because of the draft and free agency being a catalyst for movement, and the Leafs have Marleau, Zaitsev, Kadri, Brown, and Sparks being heavily (but quietly) shopped at the moment, and additionally some sense needs to be made of the Marner, Kapanen, and Johnsson contracts, the latter two having a particular sense of urgency leading into July 1st when they can be offer sheeted for a low compensation pick.
A lot is going to happen, but we probably shouldn’t lose sight of a few things.
Those eight names have the potential to yield the Leafs another draft pick somewhere along the way and if that pick falls somewhere in the first two rounds knowing who the Leafs should pick should be of interest.
A late second round pick still has the potential to yield a fairly decent player. And history has shown there is always a strong …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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